shauni kaur is a sloth
Posted on: Friday, September 10, 2010
Posted at: 1:38 PM
i'm bored :(
it's lunch time. i'm hungry :(
i'm feeling as lazy as ever to do anything, anything at all.
even to get up and eat.

okay, let's cut to the chase >:) the only reason why i'm posting this lame thing is some lazy ass sloth who's still in bed, refusing to get up and shower and eat, is making me do this :) but I sayang that sloth, so taa daaaaaa!! :DDDD

i have nothing to say :/ but look look! :D

i'm gonna end it before it gets lamer and nobody will ever wanna read this stupid dead blog eevr again D:

p/s ; i'm crzving for banana leaf lunch now, boo :(
pp/s ; i love the title of this post :)

hpy bday
Posted on: Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Posted at: 4:37 PM
my dearly dead-est blog

i haven't updated in AGES :( now i don't even know where to start. my apologies to my non-existent readers thoughh :3 anyway, here i go...... ._.

i had a greaaaat time in school today :P especially towards the end of the day, Audreymy love, you gotta stop asking questions over & over again when i don't answer you -.- it was fun tickling the crap outta her thoughh HAHA.

it's 4.20peeee-aaaam right now. and i'mbored shitless :( going out for dindin at Queens at 6pm later. FROZEN YOGHHURT! here i comeee baaabyyyyyy.

ohmygod, i almost forgot what this whole post is about. here it is ;

chingwen &
phaik swen &
xingying &
najah zahry

may all your wishes come true, sweethearts.
&&& may all the gummybears and candy rain on your parades

i love you all with allllll myyyyy heaaaaart! :3

ohh, one more thing, thank you Shauniiii K. for the tongue stud :P I sayang you muchmuchhhhhhhh! Xx :P

crazy me
Posted on: Saturday, August 7, 2010
Posted at: 4:01 PM
ohmygosh, can't believe this is actually happening to me. ME. i freaking miss you :) in a good way. it made me think how silly I was for throwing something that meant a million to me, not just the good relationship we shared but the friendship we've always had it was a blessing, it still is a blessing. you've always been the responsible, dependable guy i could trust, ahh everyone liked you so much and everyone tells me i was the luckiest girl to have been with you :) they were right. so, so right. if i could have things the way they used to be, trust me I would :)

...but life isn't always fair, is it?
it goes on & on :)

one last glace
Posted on: Sunday, July 18, 2010
Posted at: 9:36 AM
is it me? or has it been rainy days since you've been gone. didn't thought following your twitter was a bad idea until i realised i no longer have a say in the decisions you make. i swear, i didn't thought it would hurt this bad...

they tell me "don't cry, he's not worth your tears"
but what does it really matter...?

you've won. everything... you've won your life back, your friends, your freedom, and you've definitely won my heart, you always have. after all that's been done, why do i still feel this way about you...?

you've moved on. it's so obvious. i used to say "i wouldn't move on until i'm certain he's moved on with a new girl". but why isn't it happening?!

i thought you knew what love is when you said it to my face. i was wrong, wasn't i? it is all a big mistake. there's nothing to fix, nothing to say, nothing to tell.

i'll erase every memory i have of you. i just want to see you one last time...

p/s ; maybe this is all happenening because of the
things i haven't been able to give you

Posted on: Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Posted at: 1:10 AM
You're the best, and yes, I do regret
How I could let myself let you go
Now, now the lesson's learned
I touched it, I was burned
Oh, I think you should know...

push me off a cliff, please
Posted on: Thursday, July 1, 2010
Posted at: 8:06 PM
to-do list

7th July 2010
Society basic Layout
Sports Basic Layout
Individual Photo Page (re-do)

9th July 2010
Magazine Cover
Ed-board Page
Individual Page filled with photos & names
*not my job anymore :)

14th July
Lembaga Page
Badan Beruniform Page
Thalgo Advertisement Page

note to self I ; study everyday 2 hours
note to self II ; stop thinking/hoping too much for the sky to fall
note to self III ; be strong, have a heart of titanium, damn it

never again
Posted on: Saturday, June 26, 2010
Posted at: 7:14 PM
i'm so weak.
why can i just do it?
i was never this way.
this isn't me.

i'm falling apart,
and you're not here to catch me anymore.

why am I so incapable of making you happy?
making us happy...
i don't want to give up,
no matter how badly it hurts.
i'm just not ready to let go,
i doubt i will ever be.

every single day,
i hold my tears back,
hold it back to let it all out by the end of the day,
drowning in tears just to fall asleep.